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PuraStat™ has demonstrated its efficacy in endoscopic sinus surgery in a series of 94 cases operated on in Australia in the absence of nasal packing and revision surgery for adhesions.
Friedland, Bagot d’Arc, Ha, Delin 2022

RADA16, self-assembling peptide has been successfully tested in endonasal endoscopic surgery in 167 Australian patients with a hemostatic efficiency of 98.2% and a low rate of post-operative adhesions.
Soodin, …., Bagot d’Arc 2022

The use of PuraStat® for hemostasis in thyroid surgery was demonstrated in a French study in 353 patients.
Gangner, Bagot d’Arc, Delin 2022

Innovation in the treatment of spontaneous digestive bleeding:
By forming an easy-to-use gel, self-assembling peptides (SAPs) provide a solution in cases where conventional methods fail.
(PuraStat©, 3-D Matrix): reference De Nucci, 2020

Enhanced safety in interventional digestive endoscopy:
SAPS, a new weapon to prevent delayed bleeding after tissue resection.
(PuraStat©, 3-D Matrix : reference Subramaniam, 2018

Innovation in hemostasis:
Self-Assembling Peptides (SAPS), Nature at the service of surgery: today synthetic peptides capable of assembling to form a gel in a few seconds that stops bleeding.
(PuraStat©, 3-D Matrix) : référence Zhang, 2017

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