Our strength lies in our long experience in the pharmaceutical and medical device industries, which gives us great flexibility in adapting to your needs in all our areas of expertise and in a very wide range of pathologies.

We act in particular on:

Research and development support

Professional education in human health

The BluePharm team is particularly experienced in clinical research and development, from protocol writing to late phases. The team is made up of medical writers with a track record of international publications, clinical study documents (protocol, CRF, investigator’s brochure, clinical study reports), and regulatory documentation (IND, investigator’s brochure, SAE narratives, clinical evaluation reports, etc.).

We are supporting the European branch of a Japanese manufacturer in the clinical development of an innovative concept for surgery and wound treatment.

Pharmaceutical field
References in hemophilia, immunotherapy, vaccines, oncology.

Medical devices
Hemostasis in surgery, adhesion prevention, bone reconstruction and regenerative medicine.

Strategic and tactical medical management
From pre-clinical studies to clinical studies for the exploration of new indications: management of transverse teams.

Medical and scientific support
Search for new markets. Development perspectives in clinical research. Medical support to the international Pharmacovigilance department.

Medical support
with the Regulatory Affairs department, legal department support, approval of promotional documents, development of the publication plan.

Development and realization
Research: preparatory phase of studies, implementation and realization.
Training of teams in Europe and Asia.

Organization of meetings
Meeting of Scientific Experts.
Investigators’ meetings.

Co-editor of 3 books, 48 book chapters, author and co-author of 68 scientific publications (45 referred, 13 non-referred, and 10 posters in the fields of ENT surgery, Neurosurgery, Spine surgery, Hernia, Oncology, Biomaterials, Bone repair, Lasers, Blood derivatives, Hemophilia, Immunology, Vaccines, and Pharmacoeconomics.

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BluePharm is approved for the Research Tax Credit.